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The Wrong Impression About Impressions

Programmatic advertising is one of the most important mediums a brand can use to promote its business. Unfortunately, many marketers make the mistake of focusing solely on lead generation tactics and forgetting that branding and awareness tactics are equally as important to a healthy marketing mix. Some assume that programmatic ads are only meant to drive clicks to your site; others believe they aren’t as effective as other marketing mediums. 

We’re here to walk you through what programmatic advertising is and why it’s crucial to include it in your marketing strategy!

What Does Programmatic Advertising Do?

Programmatic advertising allows your business to serve banner ads, video ads, or audio ads to customers when they are actively consuming content online. Programmatic ads can be targeted based on demographic and interest criteria and served to consumers wherever they are online — whether it be reading an article or streaming a movie.

Why is Programmatic Advertising Important?

Programmatic advertising is a branding tactic, meaning it is used to make consumers aware that your brand exists and to teach consumers what your business is all about. Programmatic advertising effectively targets your desired audience and informs them of what you offer. 

The best programmatic ads provide a next step, where consumers can visit a website to fill out a form or engage even further with the company if they desire. Programmatic ads are designed to remind users that your business exists so that when the consumer requires your services, your business is already top-of-mind in their consideration set. 

Keep in mind: Consumers can’t search for your business or patronize your store if they can’t remember your name — programmatic ads ensure they never forget!

Have More Questions?

Our Long Island digital advertising team can help you with all of your programmatic questions, optimize your marketing mix and set you up for success. Reach out to learn more!

About the Author: 

Erica Chludzinski is a Digital Advertising Manager at Ferocious Media with 4 years of marketing experience ranging from marketing research to campaign execution. A University of Connecticut graduate, Erica has a BS in Business and Digital Marketing.