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    Lately, it might seem like a new restaurant, catering hall, food truck, or delivery service is appearing on every corner. Beyond providing fresh food and a warm atmosphere, you now have to deliver stellar delivery service and an enticing online presence. At Ferocious Media, we can help increase engagement on social media, target local customers, make it clear what your hours, menu, and specials are, and, not to mention, provide an aesthetically pleasing and drool-worthy presence. When you choose us as a digital marketing partner, we will help make your name the go-to place for locals to turn to when they are deciding what's for dinner!

    When it comes to working in the hospitality and food service industry, every business owner wants to know you are locally known and that your digital presence can stand out. That’s why we take the time to understand what makes you unique from the rest of your competitors. Whether it’s fresh ingredients, customizable menus, water-view dining, or more, we will utilize those elements to keep growing your online client base. Our digital team focuses on the strategy, so you can have time to concentrate on providing a unique experience. Together we can ensure we create loyal customers for life.

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    Restaurants and Food Services

    The restaurant industry is a unique field that requires passion, dedication, and creativity to see success. Whether you are an existing restaurant, food truck, takeout joint, or a new one looking to build a trusted following, you’ll need to consider how you appear online. After all, no matter what happens in your store, restaurant, or truck, how you promote that branding and spread the word is the first step in creating that following! For your menu and hours, you’ll want a visually appealing site, a customized ad strategy, and possibly a branding strategy across various platforms! Our team can ensure you build positive reviews from those who matter, provide accurate information and hours for those looking, and showcase all your custom dishes and offerings in a flattering light.

    An easy-to-read menu, whether on mobile or desktop, can be all that it takes to get a customer to choose you over the other competitors whose menus wouldn’t load. A consistent level of online reviews can increase take-out calls or visitors. A seasonal menu update can keep recurring customers in your seats, and all of this starts with a simple online search.


    Special Events and On-Site Catering

    When picking an event space, there is a lot to consider. Many will have a specific type of location in mind. Some might want an outdoor event with enough room to be indoors if needed. Others will have special menus and food restrictions that will be a priority, while few might want an intimate “one event at a time” space. Though there will be various needs and wants, one thing is certain; the search often starts online. By mentioning your features and pulling these highlights throughout your website, social platforms, and posts, potential hosts and clients will never have to wonder what you stand for or offer. Can you provide a picture-worthy view or ceremony on-site? Do you offer vegan menu options? All these intricate details matter and make you stand out from those who don’t.

    So if your catering hall or event space is currently rethinking your digital strategy, Ferocious Media is the agency that can get you to the place you desire to be.

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    With Ferocious Media as your digital marketing partner, you can ensure your listing is always up to date, your site is always fast and user-friendly, and your social strategy is on top of the trends. We can provide you with a branded design to get your name, image, and business out there to those looking. We can take a deep dive into your current online presence and provide a detailed strategy for all things digital. Whether you have a specific service in mind or are unsure where to start, our sales team will help you pave your way to a better online strategy.

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