Identifying Your Weak Points: Digital Campaign Structure

We see you’re on the digital space — you’ve got your website set up, Facebook page created, and now you’re anxiously waiting by your phone for the lines to fill up with potential customers. But one thing is wrong; it isn’t happening.

For many businesses, there’s the realization that many must come to and understand — instantaneous ROI is rare. Establishing yourself online is something that not only takes time, but meticulous efforts. The success of a business is never a walk in the park, and there are things you should be focusing on NOW in order to prosper in the future.

Social Content

People love hearing about your sales and specials, but initially, customers don’t want you shoving your product at them like a cologne salesperson at the mall (trust us, it doesn’t work). Instead, focus on building a relationship. Your content should be based off of the similarities your business has with it. If you’re selling bathroom remodeling, try showing your audience the benefits of water-saving products with a tip, rather than a “buy our shower heads!” post. It’s OK to tie back to your business here, just don’t be overbearing. When they can relate to you on a personal level, you’ll begin gaining their trust for a potential sale.

Paid Ads

It’s been a month, and your page has 6 likes — don’t panic. Sometimes, there are difficulties getting in front of the right people at first. After all, people may not be searching for your specific business name. What you need to be doing is jolting their memory into remembering that product/service they forgot they needed. Facebook offers an impeccable ad program to achieve this, ranging from ‘like’ campaigns, to lead generation and remarketing. By capitalizing on one of the most popular social media outlets, you’re cashing in on millions of potential interested individuals. Did we mention you can run your Facebook ads on Instagram too?

Website Optimization

You’re eagerly showing someone your website, but it’s been 26 seconds and your website hasn’t loaded. We’re sorry, 2001 called, they need their dial-up modem back. In order to be seen as a reputable service provider or retailer of goods, you’re going to have to cater to the people who are making their way to your site. According to Think with Google, 30% of users will abandon a site if it doesn’t load within the first few seconds. From that, only 9% will stay on your site if it doesn’t cater to their needs. This includes responsive orientation, and direct access to everything they need. Keep it simple, allowing them to navigate effortlessly, and seamlessly.

If your business is taking on more than it can handle, there are a ton of ways we can help. With a number of services far beyond the above, Ferocious Media is fit to handle everything from the Mom & Pop shops, to franchise level corporations. To learn how we can help kick-start your campaign, contact us, today!