Google Posts Are Coming

Google is at it again and local businesses may soon have the opportunity to reap the benefits of the latest and greatest from the search engine giant. Google has recently began to experiment with a new SERP feature: Local Business Cards, powered by Google Posts.

This new platform will allow businesses to post content that can be picked up and fed directly into Google’s search results – in the form of scrollable cards:

Example of Google Post Local Business Card highlighted in red

Example of Google Post Local Business Card highlighted in red

Google Posts first appeared on the scene in January 2016 for the US Presidential candidates use only. As of March 2016, the use of Local Business Cards was offered to a few local businesses as an “experimental new podium on Google” – one that if it sticks around, can cause some serious changes to SEO.

There is currently a wait list on the home page that businesses can join, but no additional information on when or if users will be accepted. In the meantime, rest assured the Ferocious Media team is on top of the news and will keep you posted on new developments as they become available!

Ferocious Media’s SEO team is always looking for ways to enhance client campaigns and are constantly monitoring the latest updates from industry leaders like Google to ensure that we’re ahead of the game when new developments like this arise. To learn more about our SEO product and how we can help take your company’s search results to the next level,  contact us today.