Get the Most Out of Social Media Networking

While networking in the traditional sense has always required a lot of handshakes, cups of coffee and business card exchanges, the digital world has transformed the process of networking on a broad scale opening up endless possibilities of interacting online.

Feeling shy about Social Media? Maybe you feel it’s unnecessary. But don’t underestimate its impact. These days, it’s becoming a necessity for all types of business leaders, no matter who they are or what they sell, to embrace Social Media. It’s in your best interest to participate in order to grow your brand, stay relevant and take your business to the next level.

While using Social Media to brand your product and connect with your consumers is arguably its most important function, how can we use these valuable tools and platforms to ensure we are attracting the right type of audience? How can we guarantee that our reach is targeted specifically enough to provoke a real return on investment? Mallory Woodrow of The Daily Muse wrote an interesting article providing tips on how to make sure you’re using Social Media outlets such as Twitter and LinkedIn to connect with the right group of people who share your professional interests.

A few of her suggestions:

1. Identify the writers whom you turn to for relevant content and engage them. Mallory Woodrow refers to these people as “Social Influencers.” She suggests following the Social Media presence of the actual authors of the blogs and websites you go to and reach out to them to start a conversation. Make your interactions meaningful.

2. Blog. Comment on and discuss topics that are significant to you and your business with the hopes that people will come your way to start the conversation with you.

3. Become a Thoughtful Twitter User. Make sure your keyword/hash tag searches are closely related to the topic you’re looking to engage on. Try different combinations of keywords to see what yields the most relevant results.

4. Get LinkedIn. Utilize LinkedIn to get in on the right discussions relevant to your current goals and interests, specifically LinkedIn Groups. Research the Groups you would like to join to make sure they’re a good representation of what you’d like to connect on.

5. Connect with people who’ve viewed your page. LinkedIn offers a feature that allows a user to see who’s viewed your profile. Look into said people’s pages and contact them. They could be looking for your services or at the very least– they’re interested in what you do.

Social Media Marketing yields results. As a Business Leader, maybe you simply don’t have the time to devote to managing your own Social Media campaign. That’s where we come in. At Ferocious Media, we’ll put your business on the map, engage with your clientele and create your online presence using a variety of different Social Media platforms. Interested in our Social Media Marketing services? Contact us about how we can help!