3 Organic Search Predictions For 2015

  1. A diminishing emphasis on “SEO” and the gravitation towards Web Presence Management/Optimization.

The term “SEO” can have a bad rap.  In the early days of Search Engine Optimization it was not uncommon for people to be practicing black hat optimization.  This would involve exploiting loopholes with keyword stuffing, adding keywords in hidden text, and link buying. Things have since changed and so have the focus and techniques used when optimizing a website.  It is more important than ever to perform SEO the right way, as Google and other search engines are constantly updating their algorithms and can quickly punish websites that are using black hat techniques. In 2015 it’s likely we will begin to see the rebranding of SEO as Web Presence Management & Optimization.

  1. Social Media becomes a critical component.

With all the rich content generated, promoted, and shared on social media outlets, we can expect for Social Media to become a huge topic of discussion for Web Presence Management campaigns in 2015. What many people may not realize is that Social Media and Search Engine Optimization work hand in hand. The content published on social media sites assists in organic search rank and helps to maximize optimization efforts.  A website is no longer the only, or even primary, piece of your online presence, but rather a part of an overall online profile along with social media, blogs, listings/directory websites, and more.

  1. Content is king.

With each new algorithm update made by Google one thing has remained consistent, the emphasis on quality content.  While links still hold some value, the link frenzy days are over.  We can definitely expect Google to continue putting emphasis on the importance of having relevant, high quality content on your website.  When you are producing content that is relevant, interesting, and keeps your customers and web site visitors coming back, you are also helping your Web Presence efforts.

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