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Why Digital Marketing is Important for Small Businesses

5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Important for Small Businesses

Picture this: You’ve opened up a bakery in your hometown — a dream of yours since you were first able to mutter the words “baked goods.” And while business may seem to be off to a great start, down the line, you begin to notice a gradual decline in foot traffic. No, the bakery in the neighboring town isn’t giving away free cannolis, but they may be doing something you’re not: digital marketing.

While posters and print ads may still help get customers to flock to your small business, digital marketing can perform leaps and bounds more for you. Let’s discuss:

1. Establishes a Digital Presence

Unlike the days of yesteryear, today’s world is at your fingertips — literally. Nowadays, audiences are more inclined to do a quick online search for your business rather than get in the car and drive down. They want to see the products/services you offer ahead of time, reviews from customers who have had exchanges with you in some capacity, and want to establish a sense of trust as to why they should put their hard-earned money into your business. 

2. Creates a Platform for Customer Communication

Speaking of your audience, providing them with just a phone number isn’t reasonably sufficient these days. Customers want to be able to reach you as efficiently as possible — it’s that simple. Especially with today’s current state of affairs, digital communication is more critical than ever.  No one is willing to trek 10 to 20 minutes to your small business to discuss what they liked/disliked about your services/products — they want a platform to do that with the utmost ease.

3. Provides Insight of Your Target Audience

Unsure if you should roll out a new feature/service/product at your small business? Are you thinking about extending your hours or building a second location a few towns over? Digital marketing enables small business owners to discover the answers to these questions and more through data.

Whether your audience visits your website or engages with your social media posts, you’ll be able to measure the success of your services/products with a multitude of digital marketing tools. You’ll be able to find out data such as:

  • The most popular times of the day your audience is online.
  • What types of content/offerings/promotions are successful.
  • Which service pages are visited organically and have the most traction.
  • The demographic that is seeking your services/product the most.
  • Conversions of actions taken from your site and more.

4. Gives You Another Medium to Dominate

As the age-old saying goes, “the world is your oyster” — and when it comes to digital marketing efforts, you’ll need to make that oyster glisten and shine. Having a professionally executed digital marketing plan in place can help you have an advantage over your competitors and, ultimately, lead to a growth in revenue. 

5. Enables Opportunites for Growth

When your small business uses digital marketing efforts, you can expect room for growth — such as better ROI. Industry experts understand the right keywords to bid on, the best areas to target, and how to adjust your budget in order to obtain your desired audience. 

From display ads to Facebook ads, digital marketing experts can retarget consumers and gain you quality leads. As a result, the more visible you are, the easier it is for consumers to respond — especially when your competitor is investing in lackluster digital marketing efforts (or none at all).

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About the Author

Brendan McLaughlin is no stranger to the digital marketing stage! As the Director of Social & Content at Ferocious Media, McLaughlin is passionate about helping small businesses succeed on various digital platforms with his talented team of content marketing professionals. 

In 2015, McLaughlin graduated Summa Cum Laude from New York Institute of Technology with a BFA in Communication Arts but focused on marketing and public relations. With years of experience in the field, as well as the entertainment industry, he is a renaissance man in every sense of the term possible. 

In his spare time, McLaughlin likes to attend concerts, Broadway shows, and baseball games, as well as sing around his home, peruse the aisles of Target, and eat cheeseburgers at the beach.


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