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How to Write a Social Media Post for a Business

Social media encompasses many platforms, each of which is always changing. When you want to create solid social media posts that will generate engagement for your brand, it can be hard to keep up with this ever-changing digital jungle. However, with the perfect content writing strategy and the right time and effort applied, you’ll find that accomplishing your business goals on social media is more feasible than you realized. 

Our Ferocious Media experts are here to share how creating the right action plan, and social media strategy for writing your social media posts will help you grab your targeted audience’s attention and inspire engagement.

Content Pillars

When a client thinks of your business, what associated words do you want to follow? While creating social media posts for your services, remember what you want your audience to associate with your brand — these will be your key focus areas. It’s a great way to help your customers understand what you can offer and what makes you the expert in your field. 

So, whether it’s specific services or values, this is how you’ll get returning clients to engage well when they feel like they know your business. After all, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” -Jezz Bezos 

Distribution Channels 

In today’s world, some commercial niches are more optimized for certain social media platforms than others. Before putting your brand’s name on every platform available, try to recognize what would drive more success. 

For example, photo-heavy services such as restaurants and contractors could thrive on Instagram, whereas a law firm or medical office would want to stick more to LinkedIn and Facebook. 

Audience Research

Finding a way to connect effectively with your audience is key to a successful social media strategy. No matter how proficient your writing skills are, your posts might not resonate with your audience if you don’t spend time researching who you are addressing.

The more you know about your potential followers, the easier it will be to craft a message to convince them that you are, in fact, the business for them. To ensure you are directing your posts at the right individuals, take some time to conduct research and determine your audience personas. From their interests and lifestyle to their values and geographic location, many aspects can help you accurately determine your ideal target audience.

Creating a Post

Once the above three topics are established, it’s time to create your posts. Whether you’re promoting an upcoming event, trying to get people excited about your latest product/services, or just sharing some interesting facts about your business, you need social media posts that are relevant and engaging. Here’s how to get started: 

Create Copy, Tailored For Each Platform

When writing copy, it is important to remember that each social network has its own preset public and format. Therefore, knowing what type of content will work best on each platform is extremely important. Writing copy that’s specifically tailored to each network will guarantee you successful audience engagement. However, avoid publishing every post you create across all platforms; be mindful of your audiences and only share content that will benefit the public of the social platform you are posting on.  

Craft Appealing Visuals

Visual content not only helps better convey your written message but is also a great way to keep your audience engaged and increase valuable metrics such as traffic, shares, click-through rates, and more. 

Visible components are also an excellent way to get creative and show current and potential customers that you are, in fact, the place to know and trust. The possibilities are endless when crafting visual elements for your social media posts, from photos and infographics to gifs and videos. 

Know When and Where To Use Hashtags

Hashtags are an effective way to link posts to trending discussions and can greatly increase visibility if used correctly. However, knowing when and where to use hashtags properly is paramount. 

Hashtags are optimal for platforms like Instagram or Twitter but don’t perform quite as successfully on Facebook. Moreover, we recommend you avoid stuffing your posts with hashtags, as this might deter your public’s interest and lead to lower engagement rates. 

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About the Authors

From left to right: Courtney Fagan, Kristina Hoffer, and Laura Delgado

Courtney Fagan is a Senior Social and Content Manager here at Ferocious Media. She graduated from Molloy College with a Bachelor’s degree in English writing, making Magna Cum Laude and gaining the departmental distinction of Honorable Mention. 

With a love for writing, she entered content marketing in September of 2019. Since then, the world of writing has grown exponentially for her — and a passion for social media and helping businesses gain success every day bloomed. Besides working side by side with clients to enhance their social presence, Courtney spends her time reading, writing, watching all the latest Marvel shows and movies, and traveling!

Kristina Hoffer is a Senior Social and Content Manager here at Ferocious Media. While studying public relations and marketing at Hofstra University, she knew helping businesses grow their social media presence and writing content would be the best of both worlds. Since graduating into the professional world and working with business owners from various industries at Ferocious Media, Kristina knows she is right where she is meant to be.

When she’s not writing blogs or crafting the perfect social media posts for her clients, Kristina can be found bingeing a new show, whipping up something tasty in the kitchen, or spending time with family, friends, and her new dog!

Laura Delgado is a Content and Social Manager here at Ferocious Media. As a journalist with years of experience as a travel, science, and cultural reporter, Delgado graduated with honors from Universidad de Sevilla, Spain, with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and International Relations.

Her love for writing and expanding her horizons led her to move to New York and pursue a career in digital marketing; she found a perfect match as a Content and Social Manager at Ferocious Media. When she’s not crafting copy for websites or creating engaging campaigns for her clients, Laura enjoys spending time in nature, reading, skiing, traveling the world, and discovering new cultures through art, food, and traditions.


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