New Director of SEO: Get to Know Emily Hedlund

The world of digital marketing is constantly changing and evolving. One of the most important aspects that every company needs to focus on is SEO. Search engine optimization, or SEO, can be a complicated topic, but it is essential for success in today’s business environment.

Our team utilizes our SEO marketing strategies to generate traffic to your website. Unlike search engine marketing, SEO targets organic search results. Our team’s tactics are used to raise a website’s position on the search engine for certain keywords or phrases. It is free traffic — and our new Director of SEO, Emily Hedlund, has extensive knowledge in search engine optimization and how to increase the visibility of a website. 

We asked Emily a few questions about her work and passion for SEO: 

Meet Emily Hedlund, Ferocious Media’s Director of SEO

Who is Emily, and What Ultimately Led Her to Specialize in SEO?

“I am a seasoned marketing leader with ten years combined experience in management and marketing. My passion is using SEO on omnichannel campaigns to lead marketing initiatives to success. I believe the most important step in marketing is understanding who your customer is and how they interact with your company’s brand. Once this foundation is in place, crafting meaningful stories and authentic website content that attract and retain the core demographic builds strong brand awareness and increases sales. My experience consists of digital marketing, SEO, content creation, community outreach, campaign management, and B2B partnerships. 

I started my SEO career with an internship in college. My role was to optimize local SEO for professional services and small businesses. I knew then that marketing was the industry for me, as it was empowering to help local enterprises attract positive reviews and curate more sales.

I’ve worked with various industries, including healthcare, hospitality/food and beverage, professional services, and nonprofits. My roles in the marketing world have varied, but SEO has always been at the core of any successful campaign I’ve managed. I receive fulfillment when a marketing campaign aligns with the customer’s journey, ultimately leading to a company’s success and increase in sales.” 

What Are Her Favorite Parts About Client Campaigns?

“My favorite part about a client campaign is knowing that the work I’m doing is helping a business succeed. Having worked with several small-medium businesses throughout my career, I understand how important SEO is to make a business profitable. I enjoy deep-diving into the consumer journey, virtually “walking” a day in the life of the customer’s shoes to see how they interact with a company’s brand. The user experience is the most important element in curating a successful online brand.

To me, SEO is the backbone of marketing. The keyword research curates topic concepts that align with what customers are searching for online. The website audits ensure that the overall user experience is seamless, guiding the customer to buy products and increase sales. Optimizing local online presence ensures that customers can quickly and easily find the right business, trusting that company to solve their needs. There are so many organic approaches to optimizing a company’s online presence. I enjoy how the whole process works seamlessly together to build a powerful business and brand.”

Emily’s Leadership Style and Strategy For New Prospect of Success

“I believe that a rising tide lifts all ships. When a team is working together to achieve goals, then the magic happens, and success is achieved. My leadership style is more transformational in that I believe in communication, organization, and empowerment to meet a company’s vision and objectives. 

When working with a new prospect for success, I first understand the opportunities and strengths of the company’s brand. I then compare the competition to better understand the best strategy to move forward. Next, I conduct audits and keyword research to understand the customer’s needs. From there, it’s putting together a well-rounded campaign — content, social, off-page SEO — to attract customers. It’s always important to keep checking the campaign and auditing as the online world changes rapidly. The successful campaigns are the ones that put the customer journey first and continually adapt with the ever-changing online landscape.”

Some Fun, Outside of Work Facts About Emily! 

“I’m obsessed with anything and everything coffee. This comes from my Swedish roots, where I enjoy drinking four or five cups of coffee a day. Recently, I started roasting my own coffee beans and enjoy the “science experiment” of curating my coffee blends. My home coffee bar is filled with homemade syrups, a variety of brewing methods, and too many coffee cups to count.”

We’re so glad to have Emily as part of our Ferocious Media team! Unlike other SEO companies, Ferocious Media utilizes more than just search engines to get you results. 

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