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A Business Owner’s Guide to Google Local Service Ads

First introduced for select advertisers in 2017, the Google Locals Services Ad platform combines the precision targeting of the Google Search Ads platform with pay-per-lead budgeting centered specifically around generating leads for your business. Moreover, the Google Local Service Ads platform provides embedded social proof for select businesses with the Google Guarantee badge, giving searchers an extra boost of confidence that the advertisements they see are from the best companies in the area.

What Makes Google Local Service Ads Unique?

At first glance, Google’s Local Service Ads are much more in line with traditional lead generation platforms. Under the hood, however, GLSA is using all of the company’s most powerful machine learning methods, data analysis engines, and advertising placement algorithms to generate phone calls from prospective customers. You won’t be paying for clicks, you’ll be paying for live calls from people in your service area who are looking for help today. 

In addition, the GLSA platform features a new trust badge and advanced scheduling features. Businesses that sign up for the platform can receive an exclusive Google Guaranteed badge that lets searchers know Google stands behind your services. When your business has this status, Google can act as your trusted partner and take it upon themselves to refund unhappy customers who booked an appointment through the GLSA platform.

Instead of bidding on keywords, as you would on Google’s regular Ads platform, you’ll be bidding to advertise for specific job types. You’ll start by selecting your business type and the specific jobs that your company performs. After that, you’ll be able to sit back and let Google’s famous algorithms do the rest. As you watch the results roll in, you can actively adjust your budget, pause your Google Local Service Ads if you are getting too busy, or stop your campaign at any time.

Where Are Google Local Service Ads Displayed?

Google displays Local Service Ads at the very top of each relevant search engine results page (SERP). This gives Local Service Ads a definitive advantage over other Google advertisements. When running a GLSA, it will show up ahead of organic search results, Google My Business results, and regular PPC ads.

After a Google user clicks on your GLSA, they’ll land on a dedicated business page provided by Google. This page has an overview, a list of your company’s operating hours, a business bio, reviews from customers, and more. From your business page, the user can easily place a phone call or schedule an appointment.

Get Started On GLSAs Today

Does Google Local Service Ads sound like it may just be what your business needs to get ahead of competitors in your area? We can help with launching your GLSA campaigns ASAP! Give us a call today to learn more about our comprehensive search engine marketing services!


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