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Geofencing PPC campaigns

Target Users Based on Where They Are

Local SEM

Geo-targeting users on desktops is a pretty common tactic; and the accuracy is usually pretty good for a DMA, a city, or even a five to twenty mile radius around a business...

But thanks to the abundance of smartphones, we now have the ability to target users based on where they are - in the real world.

Geo-based search marketing

How Does It Work?

Many of the apps on your phone transmit your location, like the map apps, weather apps, Facebook, etc.

Bottom line, your smartphone transmits latitude and longitude coordinates which allow us to target users very accurately.

With Geo-fencing, we generate custom shapes as small as 100 meters on a map and then place ads in front of anyone who... is within the shape, or... has visited inside the shape in the last 30 days.

There has never been a way to target users who were visiting the competition, or target users who stepped foot in a place where advertisers knew their best customers frequented, and (unless they found a way to capture their email addresses while they were there), advertisers didn’t have a way to show their ads to those people who had come to their physical location.

Location as data is incredibly powerful as a targeted display tactic and something every advertiser can take advantage of. Include geo-fencing to reach that location relevant audience on every campaign.

By the way, geo-fencing also allows us to track off-line or “last mile” conversions.

In other words, we can report how many users who saw the ad, actually showed up at the business after seeing it.

That’s powerful data.

Bullseye PPC

Want to target students? We can geo-fence the university.

Want to target shoppers? Geo-fence the mall.

Roofer? Geo-fence that neighborhood with hail damage.

You’re a landscaper? Geo-fence that new subdivision.

Restaurant? Geo-fence people who drive past your location.

Target your own location to build brand loyalty and bring them back with special offers, then target your competitor’s locations, and tell your prospects why they should choose you instead.

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