Now that 2015 is coming to an end many of us are looking back and making resolutions for next year.  The top resolutions include things like losing weight, saving money, and being more active.  Your SEM campaigns would benefit from these too!

When someone makes a resolution to lose weight or save money, the first thing they must do is evaluate what they are currently doing.  SEM is no different.  Start by reviewing the performance of your campaigns for 2015.  Did they meet your goals?  What can you do differently to improve?  Here are a few things to look at:

  • If you are utilizing different types of campaigns – did some perform better than others? Evaluate what types of campaigns work for your business and develop a strategy for 2016 based around these campaigns.
  • Review your settings, including the geography you are targeting and the times of day your ad is active. Do these settings still align with your business and goals or are adjustments needed?
  • Update your ad text with any new unique selling points your business has. Plan ahead for seasonal special offers and communicate these to the person managing your SEM campaign.
  • Trim the fat by pausing keywords that are not extremely relevant to your business or are no longer your primary focus.
  • Make a resolution to be more active in your marketing initiatives in 2016.  This should include regularly checking in on your PPC account, whether you manage it yourself or use an outside vendor, and looking for ways to continuously improve.  
  • Vow to stay on top of new features introduced by the major search engines so you can be an early adapter of those that fit your business.

According to The Washington Post*, by January 7th 25% of us have already abandoned our New Year’s resolutions. How can you make your commitment to your SEM campaigns stick?  Set up a plan that makes it hard to fail. Mark your calendar now to set aside time to review performance. Schedule a regular call with your SEM analyst.  Sign up for a SEM blog so the posts are easily accessible from your inbox.  

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