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Remember that post you sent out on behalf of your business last year? The one you spent so much time working on and felt entirely confident that it would be the “best post ever?” Well, it seems as though the majority of your social media fans don’t remember it – after all, it only reached […]

We bet you didn’t know there are rules that govern how you can represent your business on Google. Crazy right? After all, this is your business, and don’t you know it best? Well, while that may be true, in order for the search engine to maintain quality standards, and to make sure that search results […]

Google is always updating and tweaking their products to improve results – have you spotted the latest change? In early June, it was announced that Google is testing a new Material Design layout for desktop searches. This new, updated look is designed to unify Google’s products, while making a few aesthetic changes to their search […]

We see you’re on the digital space — you’ve got your website set up, Facebook page created, and now you’re anxiously waiting by your phone for the lines to fill up with potential customers. But one thing is wrong; it isn’t happening. For many businesses, there’s the realization that many must come to and understand […]