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The year was 1991, when British computer scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee created one of the most pivotal inventions of our time. And while it wasn’t the wheel or electricity — it serves us daily, providing its users with unending access to information: the World Wide Web. Photo via CERN We’ve come a long way since […]

In the world of everything mobile, the most important thing to users is the webpage in which they’re visiting. It’s been a common theme to blame a slow loading page on variable factors such as WiFi connections and bad service, but that’s not always the case anymore. Through an initiative backed by Google, the search […]

Having a website for your business is extremely important for branding, educating visitors, and gaining clientele. In all honesty, would you trust a business that didn’t have a website, or had a bad one at that? While you might not be able to build your own website, you should know the basics of some of […]