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5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Important for Small Businesses Picture this: You’ve opened up a bakery in your hometown — a dream of yours since you were first able to mutter the words “baked goods.” And while business may seem to be off to a great start, down the line, you begin to notice […]

Remember that post you sent out on behalf of your business last year? The one you spent so much time working on and felt entirely confident that it would be the “best post ever?” Well, it seems as though the majority of your social media fans don’t remember it – after all, it only reached […]

Do you remember what the first website you ever visited looked like? If it was anytime in the 90’s odds are the page was nothing more than black text on a white background, with big blue links to click on. It’s hard to imagine a time when search engines were this limited. Today, we use […]

It’s a question that gets asked a lot in the digital marketing world: what is the difference between SEO and SEM? Let’s start with the basics: SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a form of internet marketing that often utilizes keywords and individual bids, to show custom ads on a search engine results page.  Also known […]

Blogging has become the 21st century’s way of expressing ideas in a format that is simple and easy to understand. The days of the newspaper are dead, and people are taking to the internet to find information – and spoiler alert, your business’ blog can fulfill those needs! Blogging is the present and the future, […]

We bet you didn’t know there are rules that govern how you can represent your business on Google. Crazy right? After all, this is your business, and don’t you know it best? Well, while that may be true, in order for the search engine to maintain quality standards, and to make sure that search results […]

Google is always updating and tweaking their products to improve results – have you spotted the latest change? In early June, it was announced that Google is testing a new Material Design layout for desktop searches. This new, updated look is designed to unify Google’s products, while making a few aesthetic changes to their search […]

Desktop or mobile? It’s a question that many market researchers ask when creating a digital marketing strategy. Truth be told, people access the internet fairly differently than they did just years ago. Smartphones, tablets, and other advanced digital devices have taken over the digital marketing world in a way that we can’t avoid – and […]

Have you ever sat down to think about what just one hour of your time is worth? If not, it’s time for you to do the math – starting with the impact that every hour away from running your business has on its success. In a world where the Internet has become the go-to source […]

Google is at it again and local businesses may soon have the opportunity to reap the benefits of the latest and greatest from the search engine giant. Google has recently began to experiment with a new SERP feature: Local Business Cards, powered by Google Posts. This new platform will allow businesses to post content that […]

When completing a Google search for a product or service, have you ever wondered WHY certain websites land the top spots? Let’s face it, all businesses want to appear in the number one position during their audience’s micro-moments, but those that do aren’t there because they just got lucky – there are a number of […]

Top 5 Google Easter Eggs 2014 Looking to kill some time during your lunch break?  It’s okay, we won’t tell.  Try out our five favorite Google Easter Eggs from 2014! Askew – Looking to see things from a different perspective?  Google “Askew” and watch your search results get a little shifty. Festivus – There is a […]