Why Your Text Ad Message Is So Important

In any form of advertising, you want to stand out amongst the competition and PPC is no exception. Grabbing the right customers to click your ad and convert through your website is the end goal; having an ad that stands out and generates quality clicks is the first and very important step.

Here are 6 guidelines to help create a successful Text Ad:

  1. Grab your customer’s attention with your headline – Let the customer know what you do up front. The headline is the attention grabber as it is bolded and a larger font than the rest of the ad.
  2. Make your ad stand out with your description lines – Highlight what makes your ad unique and stand out from the competition. Feature sales or specials you are running. Free Shipping? Make sure you let your potential customers know.
  3. Use a Call-To-Action – Book Today, Call Now, Don’t Wait…make the ad something a potential customer can’t help but click!
  4. Match your ad to your keywords – The keyword that triggers your ad will be bolded if it is in your ad text. This will help to make your ad stand out from the rest.
  5. Use ad extensions – By adding your phone number, multiple sitelinks and your location, your ad can stand out from the rest (if it is in a top position). Anything that helps catch the eye of a potential customer and have them click on your ad is what we want here. The more ad extensions you utilize, the more real estate you occupy in a search result.
  6. Landing page – Last but not least, make sure your ads land on the correct page on your website. What good is getting that customer to click on your ad, only to have them struggle to find the information they are looking for or item they want to purchase? If you make it difficult for the customer to find, they will most likely hit that dreaded “back” button and try their luck with someone else.

After using these guidelines to create your text ads, there is only one thing left to do – Test, test, and test! Run 3 different ad variations and let those clicks accumulate. When enough time has passed you can go in and make your optimizations to your data. If 2 ads are running very well with a high click-through rate and the last ad isn’t, try out a new call to action or headline and repeat the process.

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