What’s New in Digital: Recent Updates

If you are someone who fears change, the digital world is probably not for you. Updates come and go like LIRR trains (when they’re on schedule), and if you can’t keep up, your business may suffer as a result.

Luckily, that’s why you’ve partnered with us. It’s our job to stay on top of these changes so you can continue doing what you do best — running a business!

More Traffic May Be On the Way

When it comes to exact match keywords, one of the problems is that — as the name implies — they’re “too exact.” That may seem silly, but consider this: All users search differently. Where one may type “design ideas for a small kitchen” another may type “small kitchen design ideas.” Thankfully, Google’s new update allows more room for variation in searches, so that we can reach users searching for your keywords, however they may do so.

Faster Site Speed is Within Reach

The larger the image file on your website, the longer it takes to load. And when it comes to the internet, speed is everything. So to help the user experience, Google created a new open-source JPEG encoder called Guetzli — Swiss German for “cookie.” TLDR; this encoder will reduce JPEG file sizes up to 35 percent while maintaining image quality.

Personal Assistants Continue to Change Local Search

When old movies depicted the future, they anticipated talking robots and flying cars — and now we have only underachieved on one of those expectations. Personal assistant search technology like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri are opening up the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) world to their version of robots. While blogging and site optimization are still important components of organic search, local listings are starting to hold more weight as these “personal assistants” increase in popularity. When someone is on the road looking for a place to eat that night, you want to make sure Siri and your restaurant are familiar with each other!

Facebook is Improving Insights

After Facebook came under fire several months ago for inflating statistics on their ads platform, they saw a need to improve and advance. Their update is called Delivery Insights and it is designed to improve transparency and drive measurable results. In addition to the insights update, Facebook introduced a new ad type, designed to get people shopping. It’s called Collections, and it allows more specific product images to be displayed under a video or photo advertisement. As a business owner, this is attractive because the video or photo can be used as a way to reel in new users, and the images below can serve as a definitive call-to-action for the desired product.

Keeping up with customer satisfaction, employees and the day to day of running a business doesn’t leave you much time to dive into digital. But don’t worry, that’s what your friends at Ferocious Media are here for!

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