What is Brand Consistency and Why is it Important in Your PPC Campaign

Brand Consistency can be defined as ensuring that all aspects of your business, including your business name, are reflected in the same manner across all advertising platforms. It plays an important role in establishing your presence both online and off. Between the latest apps, phones and mobile websites, the face of marketing is constantly changing. It is important to remain consistent across each of these channels. You want your customer to feel good about your product or service, so building it into your marketing framework will only evoke a sense of trust in them.

Brand Consistency is extremely important when you decide to run a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign because you want your ads to portray your business accurately. Let’s say you see an ad online and then you come across a billboard or another advertisement for the same business that sends a different message. How likely would you be to choose them if you felt they were sending mixed messages? Chances are, not likely. Creating a unified image for your business will only reinforce your identity to potential customers and increase customer recognition of your brand, thus setting you apart from your competitors.

Think of some catchphrases that you hear in advertisements today:

  • “Expect more. Pay less.”  You would recognize that from Target stores ads.
  • “Just do it.” I’m sure you’ve all heard that with reference to Nike campaigns.
  • Last but not least, the ever famous “When you care enough to send the very best,” it makes you want to run out and buy a Hallmark card.

Remaining consistent doesn’t necessarily mean that you must always use the same words. The message you send out to the public is extremely important. Make sure your customers receive a clear message and are left with a positive impression about your business.

How does Ferocious Media approach brand consistency when creating your PPC campaign?

Our analysts tailor every PPC campaign to the individual client. We do not make “cookie-cutter” ads. While building your account, we comb through your website looking for ideas, catchphrases and slogans which can be incorporated into your text ads. It takes extra time, but we feel the end result is well worth it for our clients. It is also important to remember that if you are interested in advertising with us, and you have a brand message or slogan that you use in other marketing initiatives, you share it with us so that we can make it work for your campaign.

For more ways to help expand the reach of your business, contact us at Ferocious Media today. We’re here and happy to help!


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