What Customers Hate Most About Bad Customer Service

Disgruntled customers have a habit of spouting off to family and friends about their less than satisfying experience with a company or brand and will likely stop doing business with that company all together. What’s worse than venting to family members is having that customer take their dissatisfaction to social media networks. More than 60 percent of consumers are influenced by other consumers’ comments found on social media sites, giving you another reason to focus on delivering excellent customer service. Every effort should be made to ensure your company’s service is up to par.

Rapid Response: Don’t leave your customers on hold for too long. Identify the person that would best be able to answer their questions so that they are not transferred to multiple people. This way, they do not need to explain their dilemma again and again.

Go Above and Beyond: Try to respond to client issues within 1-2 hours of receiving them during normal business hours. Even better, respond to client emails/phone calls outside of business hours if needed. This will show your customers they truly are your top priority.

Under Promise-Over Deliver: You control what you do/don’t tell your client. It is in your best interest to be modest with your guarantees and promises while continuing to blow those expectations out of the water by over-delivering anything you previously said they would receive.

Keep Everyone in the Loop: It is important to make sure every employee be a participant in delivering excellent customer service. Promote an atmosphere that places the customer first.

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