Utilize Digital Marketing To Boost Franchise Sales

Many people would love to own their own business but the reality of such a venture is overwhelming. Many of these people have never considered owning a franchise as an option.  To them, a franchise is McDonalds or Burger King.  However there are all kinds of franchise opportunities, some really interesting and exciting!  The issue?  Nobody knows that these franchise brands actually exist and that they could own one.

When talking to representatives of National Brands there is a common theme that we hear when we ask them what their goals are in regards to their marketing objectives; “how can I generate more franchise leads for my brand?”  Aside from brokers, portals, referrals….what are you trying?

If you are one of the brands that find yourself with an amazing marketing concept but are having trouble generating ample franchise leads these tips may help.  There are many ways to market your brand across the web. Boost franchise leads without eating up your entire marketing budget with the following tips:

PPC Advertising: These are the ads that show up on Google and Bing on the top of the search engine results page and on the right hand side.
• Easy to place returns on investment with these campaigns by utilizing call tracking and conversion tracking features.
• Geographically you can target all of the territories that you are trying to sell.

Google Display: These are the ads that you see across the web when you are reading an article, shopping, researching, etc.
• These are creative so they may spark a potential candidate’s interest that may have not been interested in your brand.
• You can reach a very large market and not have to spend a ton.

Remarketing: Have you ever shopped on Amazon and almost bought something but didn’t? Later as you are browsing the web you notice how the shoes you almost bought are following you around everywhere you go. Those are remarketing ads and you can run them on Facebook and the Google Display Network.
• These ads are great because the potential candidate that is seeing them has already expressed an interest in your brand by visiting your site.
• They are a great way to back-up the other forms of advertising that you are already doing.

YouTube In-Stream Ads: These are the ads that show up at the beginning of some of your favorite videos. The ads can show up before the video begins, (pre-roll) midway through the video (mid-roll) or at the very end (post-roll). It’s very important to make the first 5 seconds of this video compelling so that viewers do not skip it.
• You only pay for the click if a viewer watches the majority of your ad.
• It is the fraction of the cost of what you would pay to advertise your brand on TV.

Facebook Advertising: This is one of the most effective ways to reach potential franchise candidates. You can build multiple versions of your ads and have different objectives for what you want the ads to accomplish. These ads will either show up in the news feed or on the right hand side. Different types of ads include page likes, website clicks, post engagement, offer ads and website conversions.
• You can target specific audiences, reach more candidates, promote offers, messages and videos and build brand awareness and engagement.
• Facebook is on every 3 out of 4 smartphones.