The Social Media Cleanse

We can’t think of a better way to say “goodbye” to summer and our weekends at the beach and “hello” to cooler nights and PTA meetings than with a cleanse. Don’t dust off your juicer just yet; we’re not talking about that kind of cleanse. We’re referring to an online cleanse. There’s nothing more refreshing than cleaning up your social media pages and starting fresh. This cleanse can be done for your personal and business pages! Try it out!


1: Unlike any pages that do not add value to your life or online presence. For a business, this means unfollowing spam accounts or accounts that extend well out of your focus area, target market, and industry.

2: Unlike any page you may find offensive and thus do not want to be associated with.

3: Consider your newsfeed. You want to see content relevant to your personal interests or your business. Any account that does not fulfill this need should be removed.

4: Respond to your reviews. This is especially important when they are negative. While this should be done regularly, we understand that sometimes things may slip through the cracks. Take this opportunity to address any issues previous clients have had or to thank those who were satisfied enough to leave you a glowing review.

5: Think about what you’re Liking before you click the button. This is especially important for a business profile. Yes, that video of your cousin doing back-flips in a drunken stupor is funny, but do you really want your potential customers seeing that you like that? Please, do not use your business page as a personal page.

6:  You don’t still have a beach themed cover photo, do you?  Or summer specials in your offers or description area?  Did your hours change for the fall? Make sure you do a seasonal checkup on your Facebook page and entire social presence If you have outdated messaging on your pages you can drive potential customers away because they think you are not active.  Always be sure to stay relevant and engaged on social media


1: Again, unfollow any account that does not provide value to your newsfeed. For businesses, be especially mindful of spam accounts on this network.

2: Follow any account that you think would add valuable insight to your newsfeed. Think of it this way: if you are a business, would you share any of this account’s content with your viewers? If you answered “yes”, click FOLLOW!

Do you get the idea? The same practices can be done for social media networks like Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram! We promise this social media cleanse will not only de-clutter your online presence but it will also make it easier for you to find relevant, important content.