The Importance of Your Ads Mirroring Your Landing Pages

Generally speaking, landing pages are extremely important components for web browsing and online marketing. When building SEM ads to represent your business and services, a crucial factor to keep in mind is relevance. Your ads should have a very clear message and a strong call-to-action, which should mirror the landing pages they are linked to. If you are offering a promotion or deal, it should not only be stated in the ad, but also stated clearly on the page the customer is directed to. Below are a few key concepts to remember when constructing your ads to mirror your landing pages.

Send customers to specific landing pages. Even if your home page is extremely navigable, you want to make it as easy as possible for visitors by directing your ads to their most specific pages. Try to provide a unique landing page for each ad variation. Remember that it only takes people a few seconds to make their decision on your services. By directing them to the exact service they are searching for, you are more likely to convert them from a visitor to a customer. This smooth, positive experience will also be a reflection of what your services would be like for the potential customer.

Your landing page should mirror the promise of your ads. In turn you will drive more sales from your PPC ads. Keep in mind that shoppers are typically skeptical when they visit your landing page, so having them mirror your ads will deliver them exactly what they are looking to be sold. For example, if your ad’s headline is “Nike Air Max 90,” your landing page NEEDS to be titled that. It cannot be titled “Nike Running Shoes.” Another good way to assure visitors that your services are as beneficial as your ads promise, is by using a strong call-to-action and testimonials as often as possible.

Ad relevance in terms of ad rank and quality score.  Ad rank is used to determine where your ads will show on the page, or if they will show at all. It is calculated by your bid amount and most importantly by the components of Quality Score. Components include expected clickthrough rate, and, drum-roll please…. ad relevance and landing page experience! It is calculated each time your ad is eligible to appear/compete in an auction. So the more relevant your keywords, ads and landing pages are, the more impressions you will receive and the less you will pay per click. While bid amounts and the amount you are willing to pay are components that affect your ads, relevance is the crucial factor that will always be rewarded!

No matter who your client is or what type of business you are advertising, always remember that relevancy is key and that your landing page is the source to effective PPC advertising.


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