The Importance of Incorporating the Good Ol’ “RASCIL” Factors

First things first, the ad that answers the questions gets the phone calls!  A while back, Yellow Pages came up with the idea of the “RASCIL” factors to help companies in advertising. With technology and the advertising game changing – these factors still come in handy today, especially in creating an online presence through your website layout and ads.

All customers look and search for certain information before they decide to commit in choosing a specific service or product. That is why it is very crucial that your ads and website layout have the right information that will not only benefit your future customers, but your business as well. Having the RASCIL factors covered in your site and in your ads will help connect your future customers to you! Are you now wondering what those RASCIL factors are? Let’s check them out:

  • Reliability – Potential customers want to be sure they can trust you to do what is expected. Here is where you can reassure them and let them know your qualifications, and anything important they want to identify or ask themselves.
      • Years of experience – established
      • Business size
      • Licensed
      • Insurance coverage
      • Certifications and special training
      • Distinct memberships
      • Guarantees or warranties offered
      • Locally owned, family owned, franchise
  • Authorized sales and service – Let potential customers know what “brand names” your company is allowed to sell and /or service. So many searches are done through those looking for special products.
      • Brand names
      • Sales
      • Services
  • Special features – Here is where you get to show where you differ from the other companies out there. What makes your business stand out from the rest? Why should someone call your ad rather than your competitor’s ad?
      • Payment methods
      • Emergency service (Open 24 hours)
      • Pick up/ delivery
  • Completeness of services – This is where any noteworthy part of your business should be. Any additional services that make you more interesting.
      • Free estimate
      • Variety of services
      • Special appointments
  • Illustrations, logo – Make sure you are showing precisely what you are trying to sell. Is your logo different? Leave people remembering your logo/emblem so when people see it at a later date, they know that it’s you.
      • Logo
      • Art
      • Emblem
  • Locations & areas served – Where is your business located? More than one location? Point out distinct areas (if there are any) around your location to give a better idea to your customers where your business is. Including a visual map is great too. Making sure potential customers know where you are is key so they know where to find you!

Keeping all these factors in mind when creating your future website and ads will help your business out in the long run. Put as much information out there as possible, so when potential customers are on your site and reading your ads all of their questions are already answered.

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