The Importance of Having Consistent NAP (Name, Address & Phone) On The Internet

Why Is It Important To Have Consistent NAP?

If your business name, address and phone number differ on various online directories people become confused and don’t know where or how to contact you.  Potential clients may go to the wrong address and then get angry they wasted time. You only have one chance to make a first impression. Starting on the wrong foot puts you at risk of ever gaining that person as a customer. Eliminate any possible confusion and make it easy for people to find you with consistent information on the web.

Why would NAP differ on various sources?

This can happen for many reasons.  Perhaps your business got a new phone number or moved a few towns over.  It is easy to forget to go in and update all of the directories and other places your company information is listed.  Some of the directories you might not even know how to update or access. Let’s also not rule out typos and misspellings. Mistakes happen.

How can I prevent my NAP from being inconsistent on the internet?

This can be a very time consuming and frustrating process if you try and do it yourself. For you persistent DIYers, try to keep a detailed list of your username and password for each directory listing. You’ll unfortunately need to log in to each directory individually and update the information. You can also hire a company to help keep these listings up-to-date and accurate for you while optimizing the listings to assist your organic rankings.

How do I choose a company to manage my directory listings so my NAP is correct?

Almost all digital media agencies offer some type of directory listing package. It is important to find out what directories they will be placing you on and if they can update existing listings for you. If new directories have the correct listings but the old ones don’t, you are back where you started. You should look for a company that can update the old listings and place you in new ones as well. Ferocious Media provides a complete listings management service that guarantees your business’s information is accurate at all times. Our listings managers also work to optimize your results to assist your SEO efforts. Find out more about us here!