The Dos and Don’ts of Holiday Campaigns

For many industries and business owners, the holiday season can arrive fast and somewhat unexpected, leaving you to scramble to get your holiday marketing plans in place. Especially when you don’t have a professional marketing company on your side to aid in the process. 

Not to mention, when planning ahead of time is no longer an option, some common errors can lead you to some unhappy clients or customers, or a campaign that fails to deliver.

To ensure your holiday plans are not falling flat, take a look at the following Dos and Don’ts:

Do Plan Ahead

Now is the time to consider a few different strategies across all platforms. For instance, if you’re a home service provider, you might want to change your focus on keywords and ads to be based on the services you see most during the holiday season. 

For social, you’ll want to keep the time of year and stress homeowners face in mind and touch on these topics in your posts and blogs when you can. No matter what message you decide on, make sure your brand has a clear and consistent message throughout each and every platform you post on.

Don’t Forget Your Local Community

If you are donating or giving back to your community in some form or another, it’s never a bad idea to let your consumers know. This is a great organic way to help that charity gain more traction while showing the core morals of your company. Nothing speaks to customers more than the people behind the brand! 

Do Consider Your Audience

Now is the perfect time to show the customers you care. Use this season to show appreciation and thanks, but do so in a way that really resonates with them. Whether you create a giveaway or just simply share some holiday tips, you want your organic campaigns to be something worth sharing. 

On the paid side, you’ll want to create something that your consumers will find engaging. Ads that will capture their attention in the midst of their scrolling. Beyond your ideal and target audiences, do the research to understand your current ones. Finding the sweet spot to market to both is where you’ll want to be!

Don’t forget to look at past results from last holiday season to evoke ideas or highlight where you can improve and what you may need to do more of.

Don’t Forget Your Backup Plan

One common and easily overlooked part of your marketing campaign is those that will follow your holiday ones. While you start monitoring your current and upcoming ads and marketing efforts, be sure to use those analytics to further market yourself once the holiday hustle and bustle slows down.

How can we keep our newly found users engaged? 

On what platforms did we see the most leads?

Is our voice and branding being represented correctly?

These are just a few basic questions you’ll want to keep in mind. Remember, the more time you have to plan, the sooner you’ll be able to make any necessary adjustments to those campaigns.

For some, focusing on a few platforms might drive real leads and results rather than spreading your marketing thin across all mediums. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want to be where your audience is and stop investing in where they are not.

And if you’re overwhelmed with your digital options, or not sure how to get your dollars to bring in the right ROI, our trusted team can always lend a helping hand! 

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About the Author

Jeanine Del Orfano is the Director of Content and Social here at Ferocious Media. Originally looking to focus more on film, it was a television social internship that would quickly lead her to the love of all things content and social. Mixed with a nack for the visual and written word, Jeanine ultimately found herself drawn to agency life.
The best part of the job? Truly learning a brand and using their voice and message to capture their audience over and over. From national brands to local business, every account she touched has been exciting and inspiring to work on. Outside of work, she has a love for all things film and television, an unnatural ability to eat an endless amount of fries, and a desire to finally finish a book! 

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