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Stop Optimizing Towards Leads and Optimize Towards Revenue

What is the difference between businesses that profit from their ads and those that do not? Simple: Many home service companies think business is about getting leads when it’s really about earning revenue from ads

Today, one of the best ways to increase your business’s profitability is through Google Ads’ revenue matchback. The reality is that ad management is very important for your home services business — precisely, if you aren’t maximizing your ad profit potential, you’re losing out on money.  

If you knew that your ads could not only be more effective but also more profitable, then adjusting your ads to increase profits is a no-brainer for your business. Over the next few minutes, we will be covering how to increase revenue using Google Ads, as well as other key things you should know. 

Optimizing Your Google Ads

Getting familiar with your Google Ads performance is key. Without carefully tracking the success of your Google Ads, you can’t see progress (or lack of progress). That said, finding out where the most (and least) of your leads are coming from is a great insight to have, but what’s even more important is to know which keywords are producing the most (and least) revenue for you. 

One of the best ways to optimize your Google Ads is by importing your revenue data. By doing this, you can see the direct sales success of each ad. This includes: When the sale may have come in, where it may have come from, and many more factors; you don’t just have to add this information to one ad either. 

Many businesses do this on almost all of their ads — so, instead of focusing on the leads they brought in, they focus on how much revenue the ads brought in. The reason this happens is that the most successful businesses know that the leads are only one aspect of the sales funnel. Ultimately, it’s about how many sales those leads are bringing in.  

After all, businesses are driven by revenue, so it is the one variable you need to be tracking if you aren’t already. 

The Benefits of Google Ads Revenue Matchback

Releasing the perfect ad to your audience is crucial. That being said, have you considered the fact that including Google Ad revenue is the missing link to your business getting amazing ad results? To significantly improve your home services marketing results, your ads need to be collecting data on your revenue. One of the main benefits of doing this is you get feedback quickly.

The feedback will tell you whether or not an ad is converting and bringing in revenue (we can’t stress the importance of feedback enough; it gives you a clear indicator of ad performance). 

In addition to feedback, revenue matchback allows you to make better decisions. Once you have feedback, you are much more informed about your ads. With this information, you can make better choices about increasing ad spend (or decreasing ad spend) based on performance. As a result, you’ll be spending less and making more. 

Another benefit to consider: If you are split testing multiple ads, you can see which one is out-performing the others. And, when you’re able to pinpoint the winner, you can focus on investing more into that ad. 

Get More Marketing Insights Now 

Now that you have read about Google Ads revenue matchback, you now have a better idea of what the benefits are in tracking your revenue.

If you would like to gain more marketing insights and find ways we can help with your marketing, schedule your free marketing consultation today.


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