Social Messaging

So you’ve encountered a problem with your newest product at home — Now what? The daunting task of making phone calls (who dials numbers anymore?) or traveling to a store when you have an issue is becoming taboo for many — but what’s taking it’s place?

The ever-popular switch to mobile has been followed up by platforms in which brands communicate with their fans. But there’s a catch — fans make the first move. This communication is becoming lightning fast, extremely effective, and beneficially personal. Brand connection is something only grasped by the few who know how to capitalize on the aspect of proper communication, but thanks to the progression on Social, all businesses have a fair shot.

Those who spend their hard earned money on an item or service feel as if they’re investing into a culture or group. Popular brands such as Adidas and Spotify have capitalized on this trend in 2016 by practicing exceptional community management, whether it be through Facebook, Twitter, or live chat.

But let’s focus on Social.

You’re looking for the solution to an issue you’ve been having with music playback and you can’t continue working until Spotify starts playing background music again. In the old age, you’d eject your CD, huff a bit of air on the bottom, and wipe it clean – hoping it’d work. If not, you’d have to wait until work was over, and drive to the store to exchange the disk.

Now that everything is on digital, our t-shirt doesn’t double as cleaning apparatus, so we resort to the internet. With a dedicated handle, your request will be picked up and tasked to the appropriate representative in record time. But this isn’t any old conversation. As they’re looking for the solution, you may embark on a tangent about something unrelated, because these brands want you to feel connected to them; they want you to know that you matter. Who knows, your conversation might end with a coupon or free voucher of some sort.

If there isn’t a dedicated representative who can answer, you may encounter a chat-bot for help. Whether you’re looking for insight into the latest coupon or simply have a general question, they’re ready to create connections with you.

Nowadays, it’s hard to grasp the concept of the consumer making the first move, but you’d be surprised at the ratio. If something isn’t right, that brand won’t know until you reach out to them. They’re ultimately looking for interest on the consumer end first, and this helps them target specifically. If moms between the age of 24-45 are tweeting to a company about coupons, there’s a good chance that they’ll see something targeted to them in the near future. Whether that’s an in-app message or rich-link leading to the site, companies are taking note of the change, and it ultimately starts with the consumer.

So, what does this all mean for brands on Social?

Well, one thing is obvious – you need a dedicated representative to answer online customer inquiry. If days go by without an answer, you might as well kiss them goodbye. The reality of instant messaging through social platforms is becoming that of a requirement, and those who spend their money with you are expecting a near-immediate response to their question – no matter how small it may be.

Need help responding to customer inquiries? We can help! To learn more about our Social Media Marketing Campaigns as well as other services that we offer, explore our website.


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