Social Media Week Day 3: Using Corporate Communication to the Fullest

On the third day of Social Media Week in NYC, Chief Marketing Officer of Meltwater Valerie Fawzi gave our Social Media Account Analysts some insight on corporate communication in a class called “The Last Piece of the Marketing Puzzle”. Whether it’s internally with employees or externally with consumers, it’s essential to have a good grip on communication. The best way to go about this, according to Valerie, is to make sure that your business is using the technology we have today to its fullest potential.

In regards to social media, organizations are now required to rethink their communication strategy. Basically, corporate communication teams need to be listening more closely to their audiences, and the changing nature of technology offers businesses a way to do this so long as it’s used effectively. Something very interesting that Fawzi mentioned was how social data plays a role in crisis management and crisis communication. When it all comes down to it, companies must be monitoring their brand’s reputation on social media. By having a designated social media team, companies are alerted of any crises more quickly than if they were left to their own devices.

Finally, companies need to be using data acquired through strong communication practices, such as conversations on twitter between a business and consumers, in order to effectively manage their brand. It’s one thing to have the data and expand it through interactions with consumers, but it’s a whole step up analyze it, and a very necessary one. By doing research and taking the time to understand different social media platforms and other communication channels, companies will be able to better strategize their marketing plans due to their ability to streamline communication overall.


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