Social Media Week Day 1: Getting the Most out of Social Media Marketing

This week, a few of our wonderful Social Media Account Analysts are attending Social Media Week in New York City. This 4-day event brings together the best and the brightest of the evolving social media landscape and creates an opportunity for education and engagement. Our analysts have already brought back some useful tips and insight on how to get the most out of a social media marketing campaign. Check them out below!


Social media is a consumer experience- be part of it! According to creative strategist Kelly Myers, there is a shift in socializing onto social platforms. Many teens experience FOMO- Fear of Missing Out (yes, this is a real thing). They explore social platforms like Instagram and Snapchat to combat this fear. It’s a brand’s job to make connections on these platforms and become a part of the experience. Burger King did just this by announcing a new menu feature in a language suitable to teens on- you guessed it- social media.

Talk is cheap- create meaningful content for your consumers. These days, consumers have a short attention span. They scan broadly and quickly and only dive deep when they find something interesting. Make sure that what you’re putting out there is cohesive, meaningful, and of real-time relevance. It’s not about filling up the newsfeed, it’s about providing quality content. Also, don’t force your business onto every platform. Figure out where it’s appropriate for your brand to be- where your target market is interacting on!

Less is more: hashtags. Posts with 1 to 2 hashtags have a 21% higher engagement rate than posts with multiple hashtags according to Josh Decker, founder and CEO of Tagboard. Brand hashtags (the name of your brand) are easy to remember and can always be used. Campaign or event hashtags are more specific than the brand. They create a social call to action and can gain traction. A trending topic hashtag provides massive reach, a potential new audience, and gives your brand an opportunity for creativity. So use less hashtags, and choose to use the more powerful ones like those mentioned above.

Technology is always shifting- don’t get left behind! Brands used to stand for consistency and a dependable consumer experience. Today’s consistency is not what it used to be, and the technology that we have causes a lot of disruption. Today’s marketers need to be willing to change in order to keep up with where their target market is- such as on social media.

Apples to apples, Youtube to Youtube, Facebook to Facebook. In an effort to eliminate Youtube videos, Facebook is favoring the “native” video- a video uploaded directly through Facebook, rather than shared from Youtube. Youtube is still huge, but data from a social media marketing analytics company called Socialbakers showed that Facebook is receiving more reach. Help your brand by posting only native videos.


We will be sure to implement these tips on our clients’ Social Media Marketing campaigns! To explore some of the packages that we offer, visit us at