Social Media Week 2016 Day 3 Recap

Our Social Media Account Analysts are back at it again, and today, they’re sharing some of Social Media Week’s speakers’ top tips on storytelling and the power of visuals:

1. Tell a story and make it unique.
Storytelling is the best way to grab your audience quickly. Engagement all starts with standout content. If no one else is offering up what you share, then you know you have found your niche. So, create content that no one else is making. When it feels special to your audience, they will react. If your brand isn’t one-of-a-kind, but rather more traditional, think about what other unique topics are relevant to your brand or service, tap into it, and relate it back to your business.

2. Lead with strong visuals.
As a global leader in factual storytelling, National Geographic focuses on captivating, inspiring, and elevating the world around them. It comes as no surprise that they do so by engaging a captive audience and telling a powerful story that leads with visuals. It’s not just about creating great content, it needs to be focused on where, when and how the consumers want it. In a fragmented media environment, there is nothing more powerful than a big, bold image that tells a story and allows you to engage.  Be relevant, be relatable, and be timely.

3. Know how visuals affect search.
Did you know that 39 percent of pinners have replaced search engines with Pinterest? And that 87 percent of winners have used Pinterest to help decide what to purchase? In fact, Michael Ackkerman, Head of Marketing Developer Partnerships at Pinterest, asserts that Pinterest is not a social platform – it’s a search engine. By posting organic or promoted pins, brands can present their products and services to people who wouldn’t have been exposed to their content or have been receptive to it otherwise.

4. Use Facebook and Instagram in tandem for branding.
One theory states that better branding is a result of sharing different types of content on different platforms. However, when it comes to Facebook and Instagram, creating a cohesive brand message can benefit your business. As long as you keep in mind that Facebook is used as personal discovery and Instagram is used as visual inspiration, you can tailor the same content to suit both platforms.

Keep an eye on our blog for more updates from Social Media Week in New York. To learn more about our Social Media Marketing Campaigns as well as other packages that we offer, explore our website or contact us today!

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