Social Media Week 2016 Day 2 Recap

Another busy day filled with classes and seminars held by industry leaders at Social Media Week New York City is in the books! Below, take a look at some of the key concepts and messages the Ferocious Media team put together from Day Two:

1. It’s not just about being different – it’s about being relevant.
Remember that in the age of social media, competitions is everywhere. For brands to differentiate themselves from competitors, it’s critical to put the user first.  What your brand may want to talk about on social might be very different from what your audience wants to hear. Businesses need to think about the niche they fulfill and how they can make themselves relevant in the eyes of their audience, not just what makes their brand different. You want your audience to continue interacting along all stages of the customer journey.

2. Focus on understanding.
Before you even begin creating content – it’s critical to understand your audience. Did you know that 41 percent of millennials say their phone is an extension of themselves? The third culture kid has as different set of identities, and reaching them through social media content comes from understanding their way of communication. Understand what entertains or inspires your audience, and through what medium, to be relevant.

3. Don’t be afraid of trial and error.
Businesses must try a lot of things until finding THE things that work. No one knows without experimenting. Once you find a proven idea that engages with your audience, invest in it – create different ways to share that content across multiple platforms. According to a key speaker at Buzzfeed, “Adapting original content that works on one platform to many others is one of the best ways to extend your reach.” Once you find out what brings about positive response from your audience ask, “How can we make them feel like this more often?”

4. Emotions, emotions, and more emotions.
It probably won’t come as a surprise that many conversations revolve around content that taps into your audience’s emotions. Think about – remember that vacation you took to Disney? What if you saw something on social that reminded you of that time? You’d probably feel nostalgic or happy. Brands who can connect with their audience in this way, genuinely, are more likely to receive a response. Listening on social can help you find out which of your posts are evoking emotion.

Keep an eye on our blog for more updates from Social Media Week in New York. To learn more about our Social Media Marketing Campaigns as well as other packages that we offer, visit us at 

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