Social Media: Powerful Force in Marketing, Advertising & Branding Your Business

Social Media is on the rise as a powerful force in marketing, advertising and branding businesses. Many businesses are using social media outlets including Facebook, twitter, blogger, YouTube, etc. to reach new and existing customers, clients and markets. Social media has so much to offer, the only problem is most businesses don’t know how to take advantage of it.

“Business owners are spending countless hours online but wiping out. They aren’t reaping the benefits of their online outreach… If you fall into this category, it’s time to change your social media approach,” says Starr Hall, a social media strategist.
Here are “3 Can’t Miss Tips” Hall offers towards getting your social media campaigns started effectively.
Create a Call to Action: “Make sure that your website visitors are asked to do something once they arrive at your site.” What do you need from them? Their phone number? Email address? Just their name? Maybe you want your visitors to view a video you’ve posted? Whatever it is you need, make sure your message is clear and bold on your homepage. Try not to have more than two calls to action, and be sure to get contact information through one of them.
Engage More: BE SOCIAL! Take time every day, whether its 15 minutes or three hours, and talk with people online. Nick Tortora, Senior Social Media Account Manager at Ferocious Media says “the more time you apply to your campaign, the better results you will have over time.. The key to having a successful social media campaign is being consistent and persistent.”
Power-up Your Profiles: “Make sure that every social profile you have is rich with keywords for your industry and company, and that every single selection box is filled out completely,” says Hall. Not only does proper word placement help with networking, it help with search engine optimization. Whether it’s your Facebook page, YouTube channel or Twitter site, make sure all selections are filled with proper content. Proper content also applies to posts, blogs and comments made. “Posting relevant and creative content is a key ingredient in having a successful social media campaign,” says Tortora from Ferocious Media.
Ferocious Media helps small and medium sized businesses create successful social media campaigns, managing and monitoring them on a daily, consistent basis. Businesses can be extremely active in this marketing medium, and capitalize on all the potential clients using social media, but not all have the time to invest.