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#SMWNYC: When It Comes to Social, You Don’t Have to Be Everywhere

This week, some of our organic and paid social media analysts took a trip to the Big Apple to attend Social Media Week 2017. As such, we’ll be sharing some of the things we learn along the way — enjoy!

While baby boomers seem to be firmly planted on Facebook, and Generation X and Y have shifted their social media efforts to Instagram, Generation Z, the latest of the millennials, is staying put on Snapchat for now. What does this mean for social media marketers? It means that social media is no longer a one-size-fits-all playing field. In fact, we’re not sure it ever was.

As explained in a presentation during Tuesday’s The State of Social For Teens session at Social Media Week NYC, teens are tired of Facebook and Twitter, seeing them as passive platforms. In other words, they’d much rather be on Snapchat, where they’re able to be active and not just “post and wait.” Generation Z is most concerned with communicating with their friends in various face-to-face avenues via Snapchat, rather than broadcasting posts and seeking validation in the likes and comments they receive on other platforms. (Looking at you Facebook and Instagram!)

That being said, it sounds like Facebook might be on its way out, right? Not so fast! Just because Generation Z isn’t as active on the platform as their predecessors once were, that doesn’t mean the platform itself is a lost cause. According to the presenters, social media marketers should think of Facebook as a “life-stage platform.” Sure, teens have plenty of time to Snap excessively and place a huge emphasis on their friends, but will that still hold true as they get older? Social Media Week wouldn’t bet on it — and neither would we. As teens grow, both their social habits and their values will change. Before you know it, they’ll be ready to make the shift from friend-focused, constant contact, to family-oriented updates, proudly displayed across a “post and wait” platform, just like Facebook.

The key takeaway here? Each social platform has a unique audience to offer. Your job as a business owner and social media marketer is to first identify who your audience is, and then, where they are. Being on every social platform isn’t always necessary, and pinpointing your efforts to one or two can really pay off in the end.

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