Why Your Small Business Needs Social Media Marketing

“Find us on Facebook!” “Tweet us your feedback!” “Check out our reviews on Google+!” For most consumers, sayings like these have become common place when it comes to interacting with a brand or company. Why? Simply put, social media has become a valuable marketing strategy that businesses just cannot ignore. Now, that’s not to say that print ads and other traditional forms of marketing and advertising are no longer effective, but let’s face it – what outlet would you turn to if you were looking for a product or service? Chances are, digital technologies and platforms are at the top of your list.

If you are a small business owner looking to revamp your marketing strategy for 2015, here’s why social media marketing is a must:

facBrand Awareness – The more visible you are to potential clients or customers, the better. Having a social media presence allows you to connect with individuals who may not have heard of your business otherwise and provides you with the opportunity to develop personal relationships with those individuals at the same time. Don’t just limit yourself to one platform either; with so many social media channels available to you, you should make your presence known on as many as possible (so long as they are applicable to your product/service and target demographic).social_google2 - Copy

Validation – If you were looking for a certain product and found the Facebook page for two different businesses, would you choose the one that is updated weekly or the one that hasn’t been updated for 6 months? Even if the one that hasn’t been updated for 6 months is more qualified, chances are their lack of social media activity will subconsciously inspire you to cross them off the list. By updating your page with text, links and photos regularly, you help make your brand seem more legitimate and validate it in the eyes of your customers.

twitter_button - CopyIncreased Customer Service – Even with a thriving customer service department in place, social media is another opportunity to receive and respond to your customers’ feedback. As a preferred communication channel for many of today’s consumers, social media offers you another chance to directly connect with those who use your product and/or service, certainly improving their experience with your brand!Instagram

And those are just three of the many reasons why social media should be integrated into your business’s marketing plan! Are you ready to get started? Then connect with the digital marketing experts at Ferocious Media today! An award-winning full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in areas such as social media marketing, we have the solutions you need to take your business to a whole new level.