Simple Steps to Making Your LinkedIn Page One to Remember

LinkedIn is viewed by professionals as a valuable resource for networking themselves or their business. Nowadays, a professional online presence is just as crucial of a tool as a resume for a job interview. Surprisingly, many people are not taking full advantage of the benefits of LinkedIn, seemingly because they do not know how to properly utilize the social platform. Below are some tips & tricks to making your LinkedIn page one to remember.

Let’s start with the basics – your picture and headline are the two things most often seen on LinkedIn. Upload a photo of yourself that is as “professional-looking” as possible. Additionally, make your headline as creative and engaging as you can. Try to incorporate keywords for your business that one might search for or look at what other professionals in your field are saying!

Next, the summary is crucial to a great profile. Three things should be communicated in this portion: who you are, what you have done, and what you can do. Many people regrettably forget to include all three aspects in their summaries. This is crucial to a great profile because it allows fellow users to see your prior success and those characteristics that can help bring success in future endeavors. A rule of thumb for your summary – it should be between 450-650 characters.

Background photos are often overlooked when designing a LinkedIn page, but remember, the more visual the better. A background photo personalizes your profile in addition to strengthening your professional brand. When selecting a background photo, consider showcasing a current project, a short testimonial, or even a call to action image.

Last but not least –  the skills section. Many people believe that the more skills you list, the better your page. This is not necessarily true. Your skills should be more focused on quality rather than quantity. A tip is to “include the skills you want to be known for”. You can also rearrange your skills based on what you are most proud of and/or how good you are at a particular skill regardless of how many endorsements you do or do not have.

Next time you log in to your LinkedIn profile, take a second to go through each of the sections listed above and see what you can do to improve your profile across the board! Happy networking!

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