Remarketing, The Cookie Monster

C is for conversations, that is what they like to eat. The Cookie Monster always had his moment in the spotlight on Sesame Street, and it’s about time Remarketing Ads have their spotlight in the digital advertising game. You may not understand or know where they come from, but you notice them (consciously or subconsciously) every time you peruse the web. It’s almost like the internet has been following you around. How does know that you were looking for a new pair of socks at Is there some sort of Internet Gnome that has been following me around? Well….yes, yes there has.

Most businesses with a successful online presence will have a code embedded in their site that will drop a cookie on a visitors IP address. That cookie will follow that user wherever they go. Picture it like a digital shadow. Remarketing is such a powerful tool for companies with small budgets. They allow a business to reach their audience.

Let’s say you are in need of an electrician. You have been comparing a bunch of electricians online and maybe a couple of them stuck out. You couldn’t decide so you walk away from thinking about it for a minute. You decide to check out how that new trade went for your favorite sports team. While you are on that sports news site you notice a well designed remarketing banner from one of the top electricians you were thinking of. Was that banner the deciding factor? Maybe, maybe not, but you be can sure that the electrician put their best foot forward in reaching their potential clients.

If you don’t believe me, look at the numbers. “(Remarketing) Drives repeat traffic to your site. Sales aren’t typically made during the first visit. Of the visitors who didn’t make a purchase on the initial visit, 67 percent of visitors who visit a store again end up making a purchase.”

In closing, remarketing ads can be considered the dog ears of the internet. They are that quick access to the information that someone was already interested in.