Planning Your Marketing for Micro Moments That Matter

Mobile has forever changed the way your target customer behaves. Whether you are targeting businesses or consumers, 90% of people start a journey on one device and cross over to another. A good marketing plan needs to feature a robust approach encompassing direct response and branding strategies online as well as complementing those strategies with traditional media offline.

Think of the consumer as a butterfly flitting around based on intent; changing their direction based on micro moments. I want to go, I want to buy, I want to shop, I want to travel moments.

What are the keys to a successful advertising plan?

Your web site should be your highest priority.

You must have a responsive website with clear conversion paths:

  • Google has resources for web developers about the importance of a responsive design.
  • Your content is viewed with the fastest load times with a tailored presentation to the device.
  • Organize simple unique compelling content.
  • Feature conversion paths. Visible phone numbers and contact us forms produce the best results.

Online marketing – start with direct response:

The first priority in most cases is Search Engine Marketing. Known as pay per click, you only pay when your target consumer clicks your ad. It’s the only way to guarantee you appear on page 1 on Google, Bing and Yahoo as much as your budget allows driving excellent measurable results.

Don’t stop at Search Engine Marketing. Consumers use the SERP (Search Engine Results Page differently)in many ways; using different elements of the page including ads, map listings or organic listings. A robust web presence encompassing a well organized responsive website, on page optimization, social media, and business listings gives you an edge on being found.

How to make your direct response more effective – branding online:

The larger your digital footprint, the more likely you are to have success. Components of a well executed branding strategy include:

  • Social Media: most consumers under the age of 30 grew up with a home computer and social media and consumers in the 30-54 age group have vastly increased their social media usage in the past few years.  
  • Display advertising and social media advertising allows you to target your consumers based on behavioral characteristics, age, location, zip code, likes and interests.
  • Video marketing:  52% of consumers view video daily. Video marketing drives views, impressions and organic search to find your website.

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