Optimizing Search Campaigns with Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) is a powerful way to optimize your PPC campaigns by allowing keyword bid adjustments or custom ad text for users who have previously visited your website. This is great for advertisers who wish to re-engage with potential customers that have already showed an interest in their products or services as they continue searching on Google.

Here are some of the ways that remarketing lists can be used with PPC ads to improve your campaign performance:

  • Optimizing keyword bidsAdd a bid adjustment to bid higher for customers that have previously viewed your website. Having already shown an interest in your site, there is a great chance that these customers are more likely to convert.
  • Customizing ad text – Create specific ads that will only show to users included in your remarketing list. Use lists specific to a certain product or service (ex: people that have visited the new car section of your site) to show ads more relevant to what those users are looking for.
  • Loosening keyword targeting – Bid on broader keywords that you don’t ordinarily bid on for anyone that has recently visited your website. This is a great way to try and increase clicks and conversions while still maintaining control over who you are targeting.
  • Excluding unwanted audiences – Create lists of converted or registered users to add as audience exclusions. If repeat conversions or registrations are unlikely for your service, then this can help eliminate wasted spend and lower your cost per conversion.

Whether the goal is a lower cost per conversion or increased sales, remarketing lists for search ads can definitely help your search engine marketing strategy. Here is one great example of how a company (Tirendo) was able to increase their conversion rate by 161% with a 43% decrease in costs per order by utilizing the strategies listed above.

Getting started with RLSA is easy and only requires that you add a remarketing tag (code) to your site. You can use the same tag for all site pages. From there you can customize audience lists in your shared library for the users you wish to target with your PPC campaigns.

Want to keep track of how your remarketing lists are performing? You can view statistics for your lists on the Audiences tab and make any necessary bid adjustments based on past data.

Make sure you are taking advantage of this great AdWords offering and start using remarketing lists for search ads today! Contact your Ferocious Media Digital Media Consultant to incorporate this strategy into your existing PPC campaigns!