Old Social Media Trends That You Don’t Have to Worry About Anymore

Here’s the thing about social media—it’s all about trends. No matter what business you’re in, there’s a trend for every career, market, and demographic. And it’s essential to stay on top of these topics, as they can help you climb the social ladder to success and bring in more followers, engagement, and growth! 

However, it’s easy to fall behind and get caught up in old trends that, most likely, won’t help you much anymore. Looking to stay on top of the ever-changing world of social media? Then, it’s time to ditch some of those old trends that are holding you back from greatness! 

Old Social Media Trends That You Can Ditch

Creating an Account on Every Platform

Many brands and businesses feel the best way to grow in this digital age is to connect with users on every possible outlet. But, not every company is built for this! The reality is that all platforms bring something different to the table. 

Instagram is great for photo-centered and casual sharing, whereas LinkedIn is a professional site intended to help businesses and potential employees connect. A restaurant may not perform the best on LinkedIn but will gain significant growth on Instagram and other creative platforms. 

Many need to drop this idea that having an account on ten different platforms is beneficial for their business or career, as each one sits with its own individual purpose. 

Focusing on Likes Too Much

It’s a common myth in the social media world that the more likes you have, the more successful you are. It’s necessary to keep in mind that every number on your account’s results matters—not just how many likes your posts are receiving! Of course, having a large following helps build your community and potential client list, but it’s not all that matters—those are merely “vanity” metrics. 

From your engagement rate to the number of users you reach, followers are locked in and interested in posts with these higher numbers. So, you can use this engagement rate, see what posts are grabbing their attention, and use this to your advantage! You know what’s popular for your page. 

All Business, No Personalization

When you first enter the world of social media, it can be an overwhelming and time-consuming space. For many businesses, their main goal by signing on to these platforms is to boost their audience, pushing for more clients and engagement. So, when diving headfirst into Facebook, Instagram, etc., it’s important to remember that your account doesn’t need to be all business. 

Many brands and marketing teams have found that when you humanize your profile, it helps build trust and transparency—overall adding to your account’s appeal. Users want to see the technician that helped fix their heater, or the behind-the-scenes look at your employees cooking up something yummy, and anything that shows the faces and the work put into your business! 

Gone are the days of iStock and Shutterstock popularity—in are the happy faces that encompass your business. 

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About the Author

Courtney Fagan is a Senior Social and Content Manager here at Ferocious Media. She graduated from Molloy College with a Bachelor’s degree in English writing, making Magna Cum Laude and gaining the departmental distinction of Honorable Mention. 

With love for writing, she entered content marketing in September of 2019. Since then, the world of writing has grown exponentially for her—and a passion for social media and helping businesses gain success multiplying every day. Besides working side by side with clients to enhance their social presence, Courtney spends her time reading, writing, and traveling!