National Customer Service Week- Better Your Business

Great customer service is important to a company quite simply because a company does not exist without its customers. Your customers spend money with your business in anticipation that when they have a product or service issue they can speak with someone who can resolve that issue immediately. However, customer service does not just exist when there is a problem. Rather it begins with the initial greeting, whether that is in person, over the telephone or via email.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and for a business it’s essential that it be a good one.  Beyond initial contact, great customer service includes assisting customers with their needs, going the extra mile to provide satisfaction, possessing a genuine interest in the outcome of your customers’ purchases, and making a personal connection with the people keeping your business afloat.

To help spread the word about customer service in your workplace, please feel free to share the following tips with your co-workers and employees!

Customer Service Tips:

1: You are providing more than a service, you are creating an experience.

2: Be proactive, not reactive. Do not wait for the customer to come to you with an idea. Be proactive in your efforts to improve their service experience. For product based businesses, this could mean reaching out to the customer to let them know a new product has arrived that you think may interest them. Being proactive will make each customer feel important.

3: Listen. You will not be able to effectively meet the needs of your customer if you do not listen when they tell you what they want.

4: Be available. Provide your customers with your contact information. Make yourself available to answer any questions they may have regarding a product or service in a timely manner.