Microsites; the boost your website needs.

While websites are a wonderful and versatile tool to generate leads for your business, they often aren’t very focused on selling one specific service or product which can result in a lower conversion rate in a PPC (pay per click) campaign. Ferocious Media’s solution for this is pairing your website with what we like to call a microsite. Microsites are not replacements for your website, but more of a booster for a specific service your business offers. If your business offers AC and heating unit repairs, boiler installations, and plumbing services, chances are that it will be harder to generate leads for a specific service with such a broad campaign.

Summer rolls around, and you want your PPC campaign to focus on AC repairs and installations. Rather than sending users to your website, showing them every service you offer, microsites only show them your AC repair/installation information. This is telling the user that you are the go-to-guys for the service they need and there is no need to look any further. Supply them with a coupon and your phone number and you’ve got a recipe for conversion success. Simple enough, right? Internet users love simple, straight forward solutions to what they’re looking for.

Here’s an example: It’s 100 degrees outside and the Smith family needs to have their AC repaired. They’re not happy, they don’t want to do any lengthy research, they just want a cool house in which to beat the heat. They search for “AC repairs” on their favorite device (mobile phone or desktop), they see your ad, and click on it. Instead of the ad clicking through to your full website where they will need to sift through more pages than they’d like to to find out how you can help them, they get a very straight forward microsite. The first page is exactly what they are looking for, and soon enough they – and everyone else doing the same thing – will be calling in for your help.

How many pages is a microsite?

Ideally, microsites range from 1-5 pages. Any more than that and they’ll fall into the category of a full website which is less focused, and less successful when used as a booster. They can offer up to 3 of your businesses services and each service page will have an interactive coupon on it, giving the user a little bit of a variety and multiple ways for them to call you at the push of a button.

Do I need new content for my microsite?

Not at all! As long as your business has an existing website, we can scrub it for content based on your PPC campaign’s focus. If your business does not have an existing site, then you should call us to see how we can build you a brand new responsive website!

The bottom line

If you’d like to have a more focused ad campaign and you want to generate more phone calls to your business, then a microsite might be exactly what you need!

Interested in microsites? Ferocious Media can help! Find out more about how our responsive web design team can help you stay on top of your competition.