Mayor Bloomberg Wants NYC to be The “Digital City”

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Today Mayor Bloomberg and Rachel Sterne (the city’s first ever chief digital officer) had a press conference in Manhattan presenting their “Road Map for a Digital City” today. The 60-page report, created by Sterne and others during her first 90 days in office, asked citizens’ advice to find out what the city thinks is working and what needs work. According to the report, “Chief among public interests were calls for expanded Internet access, a refreshed interface, real-time information, and more digital 311 tools.” What does this mean? The early advantages include unlocking “important public information” via a new @nycgov Twitter page, Tumblrs for city agencies, and a streamlined Facebook page for you remain interactive. Bloomberg also promised increased Wi-Fi access in parks and other public areas.

It seems like tech savvy individuals who want broadband to be obsolete will have to wait a little longer.
“We want New York City to be the nation’s premier digital city – in how local government interacts with New Yorkers, in how New Yorkers have access to and capitalize on new technologies, and in how our tech and digital media sectors evolve, grow businesses and create jobs,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in a statement.
The New York City Government understands that social technologies can enhance citizen engagement. NYC hopes that in leading the social media revolution other cities  will replicate this and connect with their citizens. The government can now release official news and deliver to the people faster than ever thanks to social media.

“We are going to be the IT capital of the world,” he said. “New York may be where the next Google or Facebook gets born, or has already been born.” –Mayor Bloomberg
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