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Know How to Communicate with Your Future Customers

All of our customers want their phones to ring and their emails to be filled with new business inquiries — this is not some big mystery. For that reason, it is no surprise that most businesses focus their marketing message on “call now,” “buy now,” “use this promo code,” “while supplies last,” etc.

These calls to action are designed for the customer who is ready to buy NOW, the consumers that are ready to take action because they have an immediate need. If all of your marketing is geared for this type of customer, then you may be (and will continue to be) missing out on many new business opportunities. Why? Well, read on!

The Buying Process

The psyche of all people moving through the buying process is very similar. Something needs to get their attention, then they do research to look for information. Once they have their information, they have a desire for said product or service, and then they will move to action — where the above paragraph will actually have an impact on their behavior.

Let’s look at two examples.

Example 1 – Immediate.

Attention: You enter your home and there is water on the floor…that is going to get your attention, right?

Information: You look at the ceiling and feel relief that your roof is not leaking and that the water did not come from upstairs (which would be a much bigger problem). You then see that it is coming from the hallway bathroom — a pipe has broken.

Desire: You know you need a plumber. First, you shut off the water and then…

Action: You call a plumber.

Example 2 – Gradual.

I started taking guitar lessons 5 months ago — I can play 6-7 songs poorly. I originally bought an inexpensive acoustic guitar for a few hundred bucks to see if I even liked it. Recently, my instructor lets me try his electric guitar and it was so much easier to use (attention). It was lighter, easier to hit notes, and made me realize that I can get better faster with a better instrument (a better tool).

I am now onto the information stage and have started doing research and testing out different models to see which one I like the best. I am in search of the instrument I will eventually desire, then I will look around and get the best price I can before purchasing (action).

With the examples above let’s try to formulate some messaging and tactics your business can implement to reach customers BEFORE they are ready to take action.

Attention — This is all about branding and building awareness that your business exists. The targeting is important too.

If you are an emergency plumber, you may want to target homeowners in your area with messaging like “We are here when you have a problem,” “Keep us in mind when you’re in a plumbing bind,” etc.

Plumbing is an emergency type of need. No one is doing extensive research when they have a problem, but when they do, and they see your brand mixed in with all the other “call us now” ads, don’t you think those branded ads will give you the advantage over the other guys when that moment of truth strikes?

Information — I am in the process of reading about guitars and going through websites, reviews, etc. As I read about the Fender Strat – a guitar manufacturer or local retailer can use content targeted display ads to put their message in front of me. Messaging like “Learn More,” or “Come In and Test It!” may move me to either click the ad, or better yet walk into the shop and start fiddling around with one. Social media is a great way to communicate awareness AND provide information — just an FYI.

The goal of each stage is not to get someone to make a purchasing decision, but to merely move them to the next step in the process of Attention – Information – Desire – Action.

Desire is all about staying top of mind. Remarketing, or in the real brick and mortar world, company swag will do the trick. Give someone practical item branded with your logo, or take a look at those ads that follow you around online and you will see what I mean. Once you’ve gotten their attention — and you know they are looking for the information — make sure your competitors are not the only ones staying in front of YOUR potential customers!

To learn more about marketing messaging, hit me up for some free advice! (Hint, Hint…that was information stage messaging)

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