Is your Facebook business page verified?

Have you ever noticed the little check mark next to your favorite celebrity, brand or publication’s Facebook page? We’re sure you’ve seen it before, but have you ever wondered why it’s there? It lets visitors know that the page is authentic and that they’re not looking at a fake account. What was once only an option for big brands with thousands of followers, is now available for all! That’s right, your business page can be verified too!

Why verify your page?

There are a number of benefits to obtaining the verified badge on your Facebook business page. For starters, your company will show up higher in search results. Why is this a benefit? Coming up higher in search results can attract more visitors to your page, especially when they notice the check mark next to your name. Another benefit is early access to new features. If you’ve used Facebook before, you know they are always rolling out new features, changes and updates to their platform. Now you’ll be the first to know.

How To Get Verified

There are two ways to verify your business page. The first way is with a company phone number. Once you input the number, you will receive an automated phone call from Facebook providing you with a verification code. Enter the code and Facebook will send you an email letting you know your page is under review. If all goes well, you’ll receive another confirmation email letting you know your page has been verified.

If you are unavailable to take a phone call, you can upload an official business document. This can be a utility or phone bill, a business license, a business tax file, a certificate of formation or articles of incorporation. Similar to the phone call method, once you upload the documents you will receive an email from Facebook letting you know if your page has been verified or if your request was denied.

With thousands of businesses utilizing Facebook today, every little step that will separate your business from the crowd counts! Feel free to contact a friendly social media analyst at Ferocious Media with any questions or concerns you may have about verifying your business page.


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