Google Tests New Layout for Organic Desktop Searches

Google is always updating and tweaking their products to improve results – have you spotted the latest change?

In early June, it was announced that Google is testing a new Material Design layout for desktop searches. This new, updated look is designed to unify Google’s products, while making a few aesthetic changes to their search engine platform. Though the changes aren’t too drastic, they are certainly something to note, and Google is slowly rolling out the features to various users to see how they will impact how people use their search engine.

What do these changes mean for your business?

The biggest change with the new Google search design lies in the Knowledge Graph. Previously, Google’s Knowledge Graph cards used to appear on the right hand side of search results, or sometimes even at the top. For example, when a potential customer googled your business name, an information dense card would appear in one of these locations listing details such as your business name, address and phone number.

Now, however, the new Material Design layout moves this knowledge graph to the middle of the search results page. That means when people search for a business name, everything will appear front and center.

This is great news for businesses, as it makes it even easier for consumers to access your business information. However, this also means that SEO is more important than ever before. With no more paid right hand side ads, and the knowledge graph moving towards the center of search results, it will take even longer for consumers to scroll down to webpages that are not optimized for the new layout. That said, you’ll want to keep your listings information up-to-date and make sure that your website is optimized for this design.

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