What Are Google Ad Grants?

I’m Joe, a Digital Manager of National Brands here at Ferocious Media, and I love this video:


It’s a simple animated video that attempts to explain Google Ad Grants. The video shows a nonprofit organization distributing coats to children in need. Sadly, they run out of coats and leave one little girl shivering in the cold.

Enter Google Ad Grants, a program designed to help nonprofits by offering $10,000/month of in-kind advertising on AdWords. With a well-run AdWords campaign now in place, our coat-less crusaders are able to share their mission with a broader audience, attract more donations, and achieve their goal of providing coats to children in need.

My love for this video is more emotional than it is practical. It was uploaded in 2010 and it’s certainly not the most effective way to introduce or fully explain Google’s grant program for nonprofits (all of the program details and information are available at here). Some specific resources with more information for your reference:

The simple reason that I find myself going back to this video on a regular basis, and now writing a blog post about it all these years later, is because it serves as reminder that there are good people doing amazing things in the world. We all have an opportunity to do the same or at the very least, help those who already have a clearly defined mission that resonates with us.

Because of the Google Ad Grants Program and our role in managing campaigns for nonprofits, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some incredible people, learn about their missions, and use my professional experience to help them advance their cause ever so slightly. I admire the work being done by Hannah’s House, a non-profit therapy center in Vermont. I’m always inspired by The High Fives Foundation and their work to raise injury prevention awareness while providing resources to athletes who suffer life altering injuries. I marvel at the impact that Shooting Touch has on at-risk youth in Boston and Rwanda through their sport-for-development programs.

These are just a few of the organizations that I’ve had an opportunity to know as a result of Google Ad Grants. What are the causes or organizations that inspire you? What can you do to help them today? If you’re stuck for ideas check out CauseEngine. Or maybe start by introducing them to Google Ad Grants and the opportunity to receive $10,000/month of in-kind advertising on AdWords.

Are you a nonprofit looking to learn more about Google Ad Grants or seeking assistance with your Google AdWords campaign? That’s where our digital marketing experts – like Joe – come in. Please give us a call at 1-800-454-9103 to learn more about how we can help get you set up to share your cause with the world.