How To Get The Most Out Of Your Social Media Following

Social media platforms such as Facebook, are the perfect outlets to get your brand noticed and to get people talking about you, not listening to you. Many small business owners believe that their social media campaigns are only successful if they have an overwhelming number of followers. This isn’t necessarily true.

Contrary to popular belief, social sites with just a few followers may be better off. You can use social media in more personal ways to get consumers talking about you and spreading the word. You’d be surprised just how powerful word of mouth is!

So instead of refreshing your Facebook page to see if your number of likes has increased, use the tips below to get the most out of the followers you do have!

Contact Lists:  It’s safe to assume that you probably have a good amount of email contacts. Reaching out to the individuals on your list is the perfect way to target those who are already connected to your business and interested in what you’re doing. A piece of advice- make your call to action clear and precise. Keep in mind, they may not necessarily become a follower but you can encourage them to spread the word about you on their channels.

Face to Face: If you have a store front, reaching consumers in person is easy! All business owners should aim to encourage people who come into the store to connect on social media. A few easy ways to do this is to offer incentives, perhaps a dollar off their purchase or a photo contest.

No Store Front? No Problem!: Don’t panic. If you don’t have a store front there are still ways you can connect with your clients. Try setting up a networking dinner, speaker event, pop up shop or a cocktail party to get your brand noticed.

Incentives: Once again, offering your clients an incentive is the best way to get them to connect with you on all of your social media platforms. No matter how small your audience is, running a contest or offering any type of prize is one of the best ways to get noticed on social media.

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