Get A Sense of Your Social Media Identity

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Social Media can be a hard pill to swallow. There’s a lot of tools out there and lot to learn. I’m finding that lately a lot of information regarding social media is focusing on what not to do rather then giving tips on what to do. Here, we will discuss an important “to do.”

Can we all agree that one of the most important advantages of social media is that it helps you build an online presence. Using the social media tools available, you knowingly or sometimes unknowingly develop a sense of who you are or what your business stands for. While social media helps develop your online identity, it’s up to you to use it effectively.

From a small business standpoint, here are some of the steps involved in building an online presence..

1) You must stay consistent across all platforms

    • Something posted on Facebook must convey a similar message on Twitter.

2) Share pictures, stories, and links

    • Anything that can represent what you want your business personality to be or what you want your business to stand for is critical to this point.

3) Network with people in your industry

    • It’s important to share YOUR points and YOUR pictures but it’s more important to respond to other similar business’s opinions. Start discussions!


Social Media is easy and the tools available are free.. so it’s time to take advantage of the benefits that are offered by them.

Providing relevant, up to date information on a consistent basis while making appearances across several social platforms is a sure way to get results with social media.

Developing your online image is easy to do with the social tools out there but developing an effective online image will take more work. That’s where the “social” part comes in with social media.