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Ferocious Media Testimonial: Insports’ Social Media Campaign Success

Insports began their social media campaign with Ferocious Media this past February.  In just two months, they have seen success on nearly all of their social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogger, Flickr, and YouTube.  With posts on sports news, local sports, and events, they have increased interest and social engagement both inside and outside of their multi-sport recreation center.

One of the reasons that Insports is doing so well on all of their social platforms is that their pages are up-to-date, fun, and personal.  Posts about regional sports news and events for teams like the Knicks and Yankees draw people into their page.  By supporting and posting about local teams, they are able to engage their audience and keep followers interested.  They were even re-tweeted by the UCONN Men’s Basketball Team!  These interactions not only catch the attention of new viewers, but they keep current ones interested in their active page.  Updated photos of the sports complex give a personal touch that makes everyone from parents to college students feel comfortable interacting and communicating with the business.

In the two months that they have been with Ferocious Media, they have gained over 300 new Facebook likes.  Most of their Facebook posts reach over 100 people, and some reach into the thousands!  Their blogs have also seen great engagement.  On the 16 blogs that have been posted, they received 828 views!  Almost all of their blogs have been shared on Google+ and they have recently received a couple of positive, 5 star reviews.

Ferocious Media helps businesses develop their image or brand in the online world through social media.  Each business is assigned a personal account manager that works with you to achieve your short term and long term company goals.  To learn more about Social Media Marketing and the services offered through Ferocious Media, visit our website or call 800-454-9103.