Customer Satisfaction Made Simple Through Effective Client Communication

There’s no worse way to cause confusion with a client than to not have the same expectations or perceptions about the service or product you are providing. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you and your client may not be able to get on the same page. Clarifying client miscommunication is essential to retaining and satisfying your customer, as well as establishing a loyal client base. The following tips will help you in the process:

1: What to expect. Communicating deadlines, such as a final return date or service start date, provides the customer with clear guidelines and expectations. It is then your duty to uphold those expectations. For example, if a plumber guarantees service within an hour after receiving a phone call, it wouldn’t be acceptable to arrive an hour and 15 minutes later. When creating client expectations, consider the best timeline that will impress a client with speed while allowing you to realistically meet the deadline 100% of the time.

2: Provide your customers with options and allow them to make the business decisions. Presenting your customer with relevant options along with the pros, cons, and your personal recommendations will undoubtedly be appreciated. However, keep in mind that no one knows the business better than the business owner, leaving them in the best place to make a decision. This brings me into my next tip- speak in a language the client understands.

3: Speak in a language the client understands. While your customer may be an expert in their respective business, you are an expert in your service or product. Understanding the client’s desired outcome allows you to recommend the necessary service, steps, or products. For some clients, it may not be enough to simply make a recommendation. You will need to provide insight into what makes this service or product worth spending money on. If after your best efforts you are still unable to convince the client to believe in your recommendation, you’d better get on board with what they want. This is especially true in service based businesses.

Do you have a tip on how to effectively handle client miscommunication? Please share it with us!